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At Microsoft, we truly believe that we can achieve more through collaboration, which is why we are committed to working with our partners for long-term success. As a Microsoft partner, you are entering a world of opportunities that will help you reach your full business potential. You will have access to an abundance of training to make sure that you and your colleagues are always on top of the newest technologies. Further, we can support you with marketing, resources, guidance, programs, etc. This means that as a Microsoft partner, you’ll have the tools and resources you need to help your organization build your solution, go to market with Microsoft, and co-sell with Microsoft. Read more about the opportunities here: Microsoft Partner benefits.

”When done right, partnering grows the pie for everyone – for customers, yes, but also for each of the partners.”

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft.


How to become a Microsoft partner?

To partner with Microsoft, you firstly need to join the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN): Partner with Microsoft. When you have joined the Partner Network, you need to create an account in Microsoft Partner Center. Read more about how to do that here: Create a Partner Center account. Microsoft Partner Center is the place where you have access to an overview of everything related to your partnership with Microsoft.

On Microsoft Learn, you can find all the resources you need to develop both your sales and technical competencies within our products. This includes training, certifications, and online labs (sandboxes) where you can try our technology. As a Partner, you obtain benefits from Microsoft by achieving competencies (silver/gold). These benefits include IUR (Internal Use Rights), Azure consumption, etc. At Microsoft Partner Competency you can learn how to get started, and which benefits you can obtain.

If you already have a solution and just want to get closer to Microsoft for Cloud Guidance, or to expose your solution to our sales teams or on Microsoft AppSource/Microsoft Azure Marketplace, we recommend that you reach out to our Cloud Enablement Desk. This is a team of specialists who are ready to help you get started.

Finally, if you as a partner just want to share or discuss a customer case, our direct sales team will handle the dialogue. Our sales team is divided into two teams; our industry teams (Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, Public..) and our technology teams (Modern Work & Security, Data & AI, Applications & Infrastructure, Business Applications) respectively. You can share your customer cases with Microsoft through Microsoft Partner Center.

How to stay up to date when you are a partner?

We recommend that you check Microsoft Danmark Partner Hub, where you will find all information about partner training, events, incentives, and general communication about activities and news from Microsoft. Also, remember to sign up for our newsletter: Microsoft Partner Newsletter – Denmark.

We generally recommend our partners to work closely with our distributors such as Crayon, Arrow, Also, etc. They can guide you about our products, licenses, training, and CSP agreements (CSP is the program where you as a partner can sell our licenses).

How to contact Microsoft when you are a partner?

Microsoft Partner Center is the place where all interactions with Microsoft are handled. When you are a partner, you can access Partner Center to see an overview of your competencies, incentives, benefits, opportunities, and much more. This is also the place to create support cases for Microsoft. We, therefore, recommend that you spend some time familiarizing yourself with the site, as this is where you can find the answers to all your questions.

At IAMCP, we are helping our members build stronger relationships with local Microsoft partners. Navigate through the MS programs and act as an advocate organization for Microsoft, to conduct business across our partner ecosystem. Get in touch -if you are not already a member.


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