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The International Association


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October 2012






Section 1. Name and Relationship:

1.1   The name of this association is IAMCP – Denmark. Hereafter referred to as The Association.

1.2   The Association is a Chapter of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP), who’s Bylaws are governing this chapter in general.

1.3   The Bylaws stated in this document are Country-specific and additions to the general IAMCP Bylaws referred to in section 1.2.


Section 2. Objectives:

The objectives of IAMCP – Denmark shall respect the objectives of the top-level association, IAMCP International. In addition to this, the IAMCP – Denmark wishes to promote the combined value of the internationally defined objectives of Networking, Partnering, Code of Professional Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice:

2.1 As supportive to a Professional level of Standards and Conduct

2.2 As a line to highly Skilled, Specialized Knowledge and Assistance

2.3 As supportive to offerings of the best Skills and Knowledge in any size of Customer Business

2.4 As supportive to maintain Focus on own Skills and cooperate outside of those Skills wherever relevant


Section 3. Headquarters and Registered Office: The headquarters of this organization shall legally reside at the local Presidents’s office, unless otherwise specifically decided by the local Board.

Section 4. Fiscal Year: The fiscal year shall be the calendar year.

Section 5. Limitation of Liability: No Officer or Member of this shall commit to any expenditure over funds of The Association in the hands of the Treasurer of The Association.





Section 1. The Board:

1.1 The Board contains at least 5 and a maximum of 7 members.

1.2 The President is elected directly by the Members.

1.3 The Vice President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer are elected within the Board itself.

1.4 Members of the Board are elected for 2 years. Half of the Board Members are on election each year.

If more than half the Board was elected prior year, members to be elected are found by drawing lots.

1.5 The Board can make decisions if at least half the Board members are present.

1.6 If voting is needed, a simple majority is used. In case of equality, the Presidential vote determines the result.

1.7 Board meeting is to be called within two weeks, if two members of the board make a written request for it, including the suggested agenda. Otherwise, the President calls to Board meetings as needed or agreed within the Board.


Section 2. Procurement:

2.1 The Board has procurement until the limits of current funding within the Association but should have collected permission from an ordinary or extraordinary general meeting for any single payment exceeding 25.000 DKK, not in direct relation to activities specified in this Bylaw or its parent

2.2 The President and Treasurer, or the Vice-President and two board members, should sign for payments or obligations over 10.000 DKK unless the obligation is directly related to rental, supplies or similar at Association activities named in the Objectives list

2.3 In case of expenses directly related to activities in the Objectives list, the President or the Treasurer may sign for or pay within the limits of the current Association fundings.

2.4 The President and the Treasurer are authorized officers of the organization.



Section 3. General meeting:

3.1 Each year in February, a general meeting is held. Notice is given on the Association home page and direct invitation to members is sent at least 2 weeks in advance.

3.2 Agenda contains at least these subjects:

3.2.1 Welcome and election of chairman of the meeting

3.2.2 Board referendum of the prior year, and suggestions for this year, for debate and resulting approval

3.2.3 Financial statement, signed by Association Controller, for approval

3.2.4 Member fees for next year

3.2.5 Elections to Board

3.2.6 Election of Association Controller

3.3 Admittance has all members. Permission to vote according to IAMCP International voting rules provided that fee for the current year has been paid before the start of the meeting.


Section 4. Extraordinary general meeting:

4.1 Extraordinary general meeting should be held within 2 weeks of Board decision, or one-quarter of all members make a written request for it, including the suggested agenda.




Section 1. General

1.1 Membership is handled according to IAMCP International rules, provided fee for current Fiscal year has been paid (receipt can be presented)

1.2 Reminder to renew membership (payment of fee) is sent at least two weeks in advance to membership period start (fiscal year entry).

1.3 Payment must be received before participation in any activity or use of any part of the Association benefits within a current Fiscal year.

1.4 Member entry after 1.7 any year leads to half the yearly fee for the remainder of the fiscal year.

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