Following the success of the inaugural Quarterly Partner Briefing (QPB) event held at the end of last year, the IAMCP hosted its second event in the ongoing series on February 3 & 4, once again receiving accolades for the initiative and a registration count of almost 2,000 members.

Hosted in conjunction with Microsoft, the QPB is designed to provide partners with a greater level of interaction with Microsoft, and the focus of the event, Going to Market with Microsoft, delivered on expectations across the globe.

The next event will be hosted May 19–20, so mark your calendar now. Details will follow as they become available and partners can look forward to a Microsoft keynote, authentic conversations in the partner lounge with MSFT employees in various countries, and Partner-led sessions on matters they care about most. Sponsorship opportunities will also be available for all IAMCP members.

The keynote presentation, delivered by Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President, OCP at Microsoft, was opened by former IAMCP International President, Sérgio Baptista, who thanked the IAMCP for the opportunity to serve, then welcomed Sarika Malhotra to the role.

Across the globe, Partners always have questions about the Microsoft ecosystem and how to be successful within it. Gavriella answered many Partners’ questions and provided guidance on how to go to market with Microsoft.

Dan Truax, General Manager, Partner Digital Experiences and Programs, One Commercial Partner at Microsoft, was available to everyone in the Partner Lounge, where he engaged with Partners around the world, making access to Microsoft a personal experience.

In addition, presentations on a wide variety of topics were available and attendees of this month’s QPB reported excellent engagement from Microsoft, IAMCP, and Partners. View the session list and watch them again here.

Sign up for the QPB event here..

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