Welcome to the IAMCP EMEA events


IAMCP Denmark will try from 2021 to gather relevant webinars for our members.

We are all trying to get the most out of our IAMCP membership, and a great way is to attend all the valuable events IAMCP chapters are offering.


IAMCP UK has a tradition for creating interesting webinars that all the chapter members can attend. All of them are free and we will recommend that

you as a member, sign up and try them out and get your own experience: UK-Chapter-Events


The topics for all the events are relevant for all IAMCP partners and is both Microsoft and externals speakers giving you some new input for expanding

your company in the right direction. 


We will also take other interesting Chapter-webinar offers on our page, so you can choose from a wider selection of possibilities. If you do have

other suggestions for webinars that could be relevant for IAMCP members please let us know by simply sending an email to hej@iamcp.dk

We wish that all IAMCP members connect, grow, and learn. -This is our help from the IAMCP Denmark chapter to give you more value to your membership.


Please enjoy!

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