Dansk Lyskilde A/S is a Danish, family-owned and run light store that ensures businesses in Denmark have correct light sources for their everyday needs. With the evolution of  standard light sources driving a change in customer demand – and the expectation for a modern customer experience, Dansk Lyskilde needed to update its sales processes. Needing to move to a more modern platform so they could better address their growing customer needs, Dansk Lyskilde worked with Microsoft trusted partner, iGlobe to implement Microsoft 365, iGlobe CRM and iGlobe’s newest Microsoft Teams enabled app – MIPA.


Having the proper lighting is key to job function – regardless of industry. It reduces eye strain, reduces the potential for accidents, and makes work tasks easier overall. But it all comes down to having the right type of lighting.

Lighting can include the use of artificial light sources, such as lamps or light fixtures, as well as natural illumination by capturing daylight. Aside from necessity, proper lighting can bring aesthetic advantages to the workplace as well.

With the market shifting from traditional light sources such as incandescent or halogen lights, to LED lighting solutions, customer demand and needs have also shifted. In the past, customers’ purchasing decisions were often determined by volume and price. But with the development of LEDs, the decision-making processes have become longer and more technical, requiring the approach for managing customer needs to evolve in terms of preparation and follow-up.

As a result of the market’s development, Dansk Lyskilde needed to make a change, switching from a direct sales approach to a project sales approach with long-term decision-making processes. To do so, Dansk Lyskilde needed a set of tools that would allow them better team collaboration, tasks management, customer relationship management, communication, priority management, and better purchasing management.


Working with iGlobe, Dansk Lyskilde determined that iGlobe CRM, a solution built to integrate with Microsoft 365, combined with MIPA, an app that integrates with Microsoft Teams, would be a great investment in improving their customer management processes.

With iGlobe CRM, Dansk Lyskilde is able to improve sales with existing and new customers, reducing cost, waste and complaints. Integrating with Office 365, iGlobe CRM allowed Dansk Lyskilde to be one step closer to a centralized task management experience. iGlobe CRM enabled them to work across teams and access e-mail, tasks, documents, task management and pipeline through one integrated platform to visualize tasks all in one place within the Microsoft 365 platform.

Adding to the solution, Dansk Lyskilde decided to deploy MIPA, which won a 2019 Microsoft 365 App Award for 1st place in the Best Overall Apps category.  MIPA is a personal assistant app that works within Microsoft Teams and notifies employees of their scheduled tasks, flagged mails, due dates, and other pressing needs, from within the same interface.




By deploying iGlobe CRM and MIPA, Dansk Lyskilde is able to have more timely, structured communications with their customers as they’re able to more easily and constructively use data in relation to their customers and sales strategy.

In addition to iGlobe CRM and MIPA, Dansk Lyskilde also uses Power BI to get an overview of their future sales and their plans for required purchases.

The use of Microsoft 365, iGlobe and Microsoft Teams releases resources to be able to use data constructively whether it is in relation to the next customer or the overall sales strategy.


With iGlobe CRM 365, Dansk Lyskilde has been able to take advantage of a modern solution that helps everyone collaborate and get work done more efficiently. A secure, cloud-based tool, iGlobe CRM stores all data in Dansk Lyskilde’s tenant where it’s protected and backed up by Microsoft. With Power BI and iGlobe’s solutions, the teams have a better overview of the total number of customers, potential customers, opportunities and required purchases and the teams can follow customer development more closely.

Dansk Lyskilde as an organization has seen a clear improvement in time spent on operation and sales. Additionally, employees have been able to more easily structure their workdays, enabling better productivity.

We value our partnership with iGlobe very much as they have been good at understanding our user and business need. Probably mostly because they have been able to give us all our requirements in just one single platform. iGlobe CRM on Microsoft 365 “One Click Does The Trick” with Alon Ekelund gives us endless possibilities. And we gladly give the warmest recommendations! “

– Aaby, Annett

Dansk Lyskilde A/S




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