TBK Academy® provides business development and management consultant services for information technology companies to improve the productivity of their sales and marketing activities. TBK Academy® events are held at locations close to international Airport or as in-house workshops.

With the proliferation of the internet and the declining cost of information technology, the barriers for market entry keep shrinking. Information technology companies with brilliant ideas and competitive products and services must move faster and faster to achieve a leading market position before the window of opportunity closes and someone else has taken the position and enjoys the leadership advantages.

As the winners take all in the information technology industry, market leadership is the only comfortable position. The information technology industry is an arms race for market leadership and you cannot afford making too many expensive mistakes on the journey.

You need access to specialized business development, marketing, sales, revenue generation, and channel development resources to bootstrap foreign markets where you have little experience and enjoy no brand recognition.

You need to build productive partner channels that can multiply your scalability potential and reach all corners of the globe.

You need to communicate with and sell to professionals that have an urgent business need and that may not be IT-literate.

We are here to help you. Welcome to TBK ACADEMY.



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